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Nordiske treff for bærekraftig utvikling
Vi vil her lage en dokumentasjon knyttet til bærekraftkonferansene for nordiske lokalsamfunn. Som en smakebit har vi kllippet dette fra den finske nettsiden for konferansen i 2011, neste konferanse er i Umeå til høsten og i 2015 er det Norges tur.


Solutions local, together Conference aimed at strengthening the inter-linkage of economic, social and environmental aspects in creating win-win solutions for local authorities, companies, communities and citizens. It raised the role of culture as one essential element of sustainable development. Through example and commitment different actors inspired to change their practices and working culture into more sustainable ones.

The conference programme focused on presenting practical solutions (knowledge, ways of thinking, attitudes and products). During the whole process, a model for organizing a sustainable conference was being tested.

The conference kicked off the Finnish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in year 2011.

The Solutions local, together Conference was the forth in the series of Nordic Conferences on Sustainable Development. Previous conferences were held in Gothenburg, Sweden 2004, in Oslo, Norway in 2006 and in Odense, Denmark in 2008.
                    Signals – book that was launched at the Solutions Conference in English.
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Previous conferences:
The Odense conference in 2008
The city of Odense, Denmark hosted the One Small Step - Nordic sustainability conference with over 350 participants.
At the conference, the participants received an inspirational booklet: “The Nordic communities show the way forward?” This booklet includes 14 good examples and reflections from two Nordic researchers; Kai Arne Armann and John Hille from the Ideas Bank, foreword is written by the Minister of Environment- and Development, Erik Solheim and the Minister of Sustainability, Kristin Halvrosen. Download the booklet here (in Norwegian)

The Oslo conference in 2006
The Oslo conference gathered 500 participants from different levels of Nordic society.
All the participants where given the booklet “Visible targets – visible measures”. This booklet presents 15 prominent Nordic examples on local measures to encourage sustainable development. The booklet contains articles on citizens’ participation written by the Danish researcher, Jeppe Laessoe, on sustainable development written by the Norwegian Professor, Ottar Hellevik, and on sustainable consumption written by the Swedish environmental debater, Stefan Edman. Download the booklet here (in Norwegian)

Gothenburg, Sweden 2004
Nordens Agenda - Jordens Agenda, Veier videre (pdf) in Norwegian.

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